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Pet sitting services are an excellent alternative to boarding your pets!

Your Pro Pet Sitters began as a small scale AKC breeder founded in 1997 and website followed a year later. With this experience we decided to provided services to pet owners that exceeds expectations. We wanted to provide the kind of service that we would expect for our own pets…our babies. Since our first day on the job, we have provided reliable, responsible pet sitting services. We provide daily walks and visits ...while you’re on vacation or at work, short-term, long-term and last minute emergencies—we are here for you! We are experienced professionals, dedicated to caring for animals. We are bonded and insured for your safety.

What Makes Us Different?
We always have a back-up sitter in case of emergency and when we need to schedule a day off. Our customers never have to change their plans because of our schedules—we are always here for you! We are members of National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

Do You Need Boarding?
Very limited boarding in my home...specialized in small dogs, special needs dogs. Twenty-four hour love and care in my home.

What to Expect

Initial Meeting:
The initial meeting to get acquainted with you and your pet(s) takes about an hour and gives your pet(s) time to become familiar with us, our scents, our voices. We complete information forms and service contract detailing your pet’s care, medical and behavioral history, likes and dislikes, favorite sleeping places, favorite hiding places, house care, vet, emergency contact specifies, and pick up your house key.

Visits are individualized to your pet(s)’ specific needs. Feeding, water, medications, insulin injections, exercise, walking, playing, brushing, box cleaning, rain-phobic pets, thunder-phopic pets, toys and activities, cuddles and petting, talking, etc. We form a bond with your pet so the pet develops a sense of trust and security while you’re away. We also bring in the mail, newspaper, water plants, curb garbage and recycle bins, rotate interior and exterior lights, and open/close blinds to make your home appear occupied.

While Visiting Your Pet We Will:

  • Give your pet love, hugs and lots of attention
  • Provide fresh food, water and clean the feeding area and bowls each visit
  • Provide Pet Taxi to Vet Visits
  • Give needed medications (experienced giving pills, shots & topical treatments)
  • Clean any accidents that may have occurred
    Walk and exercise your pet
  • Cuddle and comfort, and play inside with your pet
….. all while putting the safety of your pet first!!!

Costs: See Rates page

Areas Served:

  • Katy
  • Nottingham County
  • Houston

We'll Also:

  • Take in the mail
  • Take out the trash
  • Stay in touch via phone or email
  • Turn lights & electronics on and off

When can you use us?

  • At work
  • Stuck in a meeting
  • Traveling for business
  • Taking a vacation
  • Dealing with emergency situations

A member of Pet Sitters International (PSI)

Call us at
713-805-4946 to setup a personal appointment.

Hours of Operation: 6:00 am to 8:00 pm 7 days a week. Other times available upon request.

First Time Customers
1st Visit FREE with a minimum of 4 visits
excluding holidays



Buck and Corey

Lexie Covert

Carol Williams in orange (Owner)

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